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Home » Mortgage FAQs » Is it possible to self certify my income for a mortgage application?

In the past it was possible that if you were self employed and you did not have accounts prepared or your accounts did not yet show your rise in profit, or you had income from self employment and employed work or you were employed with a low basic salary and high bonuses which you had not yet received at the mortgage application stage, you could have a mortgage on a self certification basis.

However this type of mortgage is no longer available since the recession of 2007. In the current mortgage market, lenders wish to see a copy of certified accounts or if an application files their own accounts, a copy of the applicant’s SA302s and possibly also their tax year overviews. Usually lenders wish to see the previous 3 years. The figure that lenders usually use the ‘net income’ figure which is clearly shown on the HMRC SA302 document.

You can request your SA302 from HMRC on 0300 200 3300 quoting your Full Name & National Insurance Number.

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