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Who benefits from the shift away from cash?

As more and more outlets go cashless, concern is growing about the individuals and small firms who rely on notes and coins every day. The FCA’s own recent Sector Views highlighted access to cash one of its concerns for the year ahead.   In this article, FCA guest...

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Private rental market besieged by woes

Billions of pounds have been promised to all kinds of workers, from self-employed plumbers to marketing professionals. However, one group has been left behind. Private landlords do not fall into any of the rescue packages launched by the Government. They do not have...

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Is a Stamp Duty holiday on the cards?

On the day of the 2020 Spring Budget, the Bank of England announced it was cutting interest rates to 0.25% in a bid to curb the economic disruption caused by COVID-19. Hours after this decision was made, the Chancellor announced a series of reforms to bolster public...

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