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The debate between renting and home ownership has long been a prevalent topic in the UK, where a variety of economic factors and personal circumstances shape housing decisions. In recent years, the UK housing market has experienced considerable fluctuations, impacting...

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The blossoming of the property market each spring is influenced by several factors. Economically, the end of the financial year in April may encourage buyers to proceed with purchases, armed with a clearer understanding of their finances. Psychologically, the renewal...

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First Impressions Count

How to Enhance House Viewings For a Fast Sale Selling your home is a significant milestone, and viewings play a crucial role in securing a successful sale. Creating a welcoming, attractive, and memorable environment for potential buyers can greatly enhance the appeal...

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THE CURRENT MORTGAGE MARKETThe start of 2024 has brought awave of optimism to the UK housingmarket. Rightmove reported a 1. 3%increase in average home prices fromDecember to January, marking themost significant rise for this periodsince 2020. Additionally, the...

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SETTING FINANCIAL GOALS FOR THE NEW YEAR UNDERSTANDING YOUR CURRENT MORTGAGE SITUATIONBefore setting new goals, it’s crucialto evaluate your current mortgagesituation. Are you on a fixed-rate orvariable-rate mortgage? How manyyears are left on your mortgage? Whatis...

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EPC changes: what it means for landlords

EPC regulations require landlords to obtain an EPC rating when selling or renting a property. Despite the changes, properties still require an EPC rating although there is no longer a requirement for new tenancies to have a rating of C or above. While the discussions...

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Fixed rate mortgage term ending: what should I do next?

Before your mortgage comesto an end, it’s crucial to exploreyour options. It’s importantthat you start planning yourmortgage options at least sixmonths before the end of thefixed rate period. Consult withyour mortgage adviser/brokerto determine which option suitsyour...

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Agricultural Finance

Secured finance options for the rural and agricultural sector to enable people to diversify, sustain, grow and improve their businesses. Financing this sector can be more challenging as many traditional sources of finance have disappeared. Loans can be used for the...

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What is The Mortgage Charter?

The goal of the MortgageCharter is to make thingseasier and fairer for customerswho want to buy a home. It makes mortgages lessconfusing, stops lendersfrom giving out risky loans,and makes sure customersare treated fairly. It’s all abouthelping people achieve...

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Will UK mortgage rates continue to go down in 2023?

Average mortgage rates have been falling slowly throughout August, despite expectations that the Bank of England will continue raising rates. Despite forecasts that the base rate could peak at 5. 75% early next year from 5. 25% now, a number of lenders have slashed...

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Shared Ownership

Shared ownership allows the buyer to purchase a percentage of the property with the remaining amount owned by the housing provider. The buyer then pays a mortgage on the share that they own and rent on the remaining percentage. Shared ownership also provides the...

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House prices fall: Is it the right time to buy?

Knowing when to buy a house can be difficult, especially during a cost-of-living crisis. Household budgets remain under pressure from high inflation however, confidence is beginning to returnto the property market as house prices fell 3. 1% on an annual basis in...

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