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Private Medical and Dental Insurance

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Health (medical or dental) insurance is a policy you take out to cover the cost of medical or dental care.

Health insurance

Private health insurance offers three key advantages:

  • Shorter waiting times.
  • Quicker diagnosis.
  • Better facilities, such as a private room.

Health insurance can also offer access to specialist drugs and treatment that may not be available on the NHS or affordable to pay for directly. Its overarching aim is therefore to provide you with the comforts and reassurance you want from your initial consultation through to your aftercare.

Health insurance will cover you for the cost of receiving medical treatment, including scans and surgical procedures, when you are admitted to hospital as an In-patient or day-patient as standard. You can also get cover for radiotherapy and chemotherapy to treat cancer, and access to a GP or medical professional when needed.
However, you should be aware that cover may vary depending on the provider you choose. For instance, access to a GP or medical professional can vary from access to a 24-hour helpline, through to a consultation with a private GP.

Dental insurance

Dental Insurance can seem like a complicated product. Both NHS plans and private cover are offered by health insurance companies, which also offer private medical insurance products with separate dental insurance add-ons.
Choosing a health insurance policy with a dental add-on can be expensive, but you will be covered for a full range of health issues.

If you already have private medical insurance, you can pay for dental to be added on to your existing policy.

Self insuring

Whether you have health insurance or not, you can just pay or save for the full cost of NHS or private treatment as and when you need it. This is called self-insuring. If you only have an annual check-up that might seem like the best option but bigger procedures will be expensive.

Part cover and family policies

There are also inexpensive cash dental plans offered by insurers that may not cover the full cost of treatment but can pay out a set cash sum to cover some or all of your fees. Some insurers also offer family policies, where children under 18 are covered for free, as well as specialised cover for couples.

It is important to note that with most dental insurance policies, customers cannot claim for the first 2 to 3 months of the policy. Check your policy wording for specific timelines.

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