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Before your mortgage comes
to an end, it’s crucial to explore
your options. It’s important
that you start planning your
mortgage options at least six
months before the end of the
fixed rate period. Consult with
your mortgage adviser/broker
to determine which option suits
your current circumstances.

While reviewing your mortgage,
don’t forget to assess your
insurance needs. Homeowners
should have adequate insurance
coverage to protect their
property and assets. Check your
buildings and contents insurance
to make sure it is up to date and
sufficient to cover potential risks.
You may also want to explore
life insurance options to provide
financial security for your loved
ones in case of unexpected

It is wise to seek advice
from financial professionals.
They can help you navigate your
options and ensure you make
informed decisions tailored to
your unique circumstances.

If you’d like to discuss the options available to you, contact Turney & Associates today.

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Source – Mortgage Intelligence October 2023

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