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The result of a recent housing survey conducted the government revealed that 27% of First Time Buyers were helped by “the bank of mum and dad” towards their first home purchase[1]. The figure 20 years ago was 20%. The other most popular means of acquiring their deposit by inheriting or by teaming up with a partner to purchase their first home together.

In 10 years, the number of people buying their first home has dropped by ⅓ despite government schemes designed to help first time buyers such as the Help to Buy scheme.


First Time Buyer Comparison[1]
  1994/95 2014/15
Average Age 30 33
Single Buyers 29% 14%
Couple Buying Together 63% 80%
Got Help from Friends/Family 21% 27%
Used Inheritance 3% 10%
Total First Time Buyers 857,000 564,000


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