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We have had calls reported to us by our client supposedly claiming to be from legitimate insurers and lenders asking personal information from the call receiver.
Recent examples of this type of fraud has been from a trusted well-known life insurance provider claiming to be taking over by another copy and needing details of the insured person’s mortgage details to see if they can get a better deal.
We wish to remind our clients to never disclose the following:
1. personal details, unless you are sure who you are talking to
2. four-digit card Pin to anyone, including the bank or police
3. full password or online banking codes
Which? Consumer Rights gives the following 7 points as a guide on how to spot a scam telephone call (Source:
1. Have you been contacted out of the blue?
2. Is the deal too good to be true?
3. Are you being asked to give personal details to the call handler?
4. Are being put under pressure to respond quickly to the call handler’s demands?
5. Have you been given vague contact details by the call handler?
6. Are there spelling or grammatical errors? (this is information to bear in mind with possible fraudulent postal mail)
7. Are you being asked to keep the details of your telephone call private from friends and family etc?

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